• Posted on January 28, 2013

The Dawning of a New Winter

Dawn of winter

The White Season, Day 1

“Winter dawns, yet the grey wolves remain. Are they hoping to gnaw at the bones of men as the cold now does? I know not, but their howls echo off the tight river ice during the night, off the twinkling pine needles and shimmering stones that hold the gleam of fresh ice.  

“I wish my hardest for Devden, my youngest, to learn from this land; to understand it and its many faces. The faces of grace, of deliverance, of anger, of revenge, of laughter, and of sorrow have ebbed through time for ages, as uncertain and unpredictable as our very own. Even with all my years here I have yet to fully understand them, yet I call it my home. Our home.

“Its beauty is often followed by its harshness, but hard times will be followed with warmth and light.  

“This is what I hope to come to pass; dimness, uncertainty, fear. Then light.

“However, it is evident that Devden will not get the enlightenment I once hoped; in the dawn of this new, bitter  winter, I can only beg him to stay within the  dwelling, even if it provides less safety than we both faithfully believe. At first it was simply the wolves I feared, who once feared the blankets of snow and ice upon the land. But now, something more stalks the earth; I cannot see it, let alone sense it, but the land urges us to beware.

“My eldest has resorted to stubborness. Edgard refuses to halt his laborings, from rosy dawn till crimson dusk. We talk little; he is angry with me, perhaps, and I with him, though for his foolishness, not his aimless resolve. I believe Devden is too little to work, too weak to cut saplings for firewood or to carry large stones from the rocky stream beds. Nor do I see him swift enough to search for our traps in the wood and return by sundown, not quick enough to escape a wolf with a mile’s lead; he argues the boy has been my weakness since his mother’s death, and that I am a coward for not letting go. 

“He can help cook, but is good for little more at this time. I refused to lose another of my blood.

“Perhaps I have some sort of self searching to do; perhaps I am failing myself. I do not know.

“I am often upset with him, but he is my foundation in my time of need, my pillar of hope through these times. I love them both. I hope for nothing more than to endure and pass the ills that only the White Season can bring to the Midlands, and my two sons are all I have left.


“I hope that with less to protect, the more able I am to truly do so.”

  • Posted on October 29, 2012

Can’t Go Anywhere Without a Map Now, Can We?


I love maps.

Well, more like I love making maps. Heck, my girlfriend loves making maps, too; she’s going to school for GIS after all. So I guess, in the end, perhaps a little more than I do. If only fantasy cartography and environmentalism went together (where I’m heading with my student life at the moment)!

Regardless of if I love maps or not, we find it important for those interested in a game to develop a visual of the world they’re going to inhabit and spend their time. Early times or not, I’ve put together a semi-realistic map of what Evan and I believe Nyamm should look like, based off of his earlier pixel map (which we will most likely end up using in-game to increase immersion).

Take what you will from this; I’m not going to go into too much depth about what may or may not be shown here. Those times are coming. The smaller locations/areas aren’t included since they’re not  finalized, but in time we’ll include a bit more to enlighten the interested.


Over and Out,



  • Posted on October 26, 2012

Nyamm: A Primer

Nyamm is a ORPG taking place in a familiar, but very unique, medieval setting. In the world of Nyamm, players have the power to shape the world around them, as well as truly customize their characters; each quest, every action the player takes can lead them somewhere new and exciting. This isn’t a tale that you decide to step in and out of every day; it’s your story.


The crafts you decide to learn will mold your character in a way like you’ve yet to experience in a typical ORPG. Butchering, for example, isn’t as crude as killing an animal and taking only its meat or hide; in Nyamm, every creature you kill or harvest is a complex being, and its intestines, bones, and other internals have more than one use to both individuals and the community. From making sausage from internal organs to weapons or decorations made from bone and tusk, harvesting in Nyamm plays a crucial part in society. Trade skills are extremely deep and advanced.

Tradeskills are important to players; we know that. We need depth if we want a rewarding experience. That’s why when it comes to our combat and character customization, it’ll be second to none. Ever wished to have more than just one archetype, one simple ‘class’ while you’re adventuring through the world? We asked, “Why be restricted from messing around with archetypes and developing your own playstyle? Why should there only be one class to describe you?” And we mean for real, not just “Let’s give them some slight progression to their archetypes or make a few of them unique.”

What we’re talking about is more than ten archetypes at once, out of literally limitless archetypes called ‘Factions’, mixing and matching what abilities, passives, and benefits every one of these Factions provide. You want to be different and play how you want; we’re pretty damn close to giving you just that.

The depth provided by this system, called the Faction System, brings in a new era of individuality and fun, as well as providing a huge boost to what players are used to in terms of gameplay dynamics and party situations. It’s not impossible for someone to have the same Faction combinations as yourself, of course, but the chances of them playing like your long, lost twin are extremely unlikely. How you enjoy playing will determine the role you wish to take up.

Combat will be something players will look forward to. There will be both long ranged weapons, as well as melee weapons of different kinds. From bows, to wands, to maces, to shortswords, there is a vast assortment of different weapon types to look forward to.

We’ve spoken about Factions and the weapons behind the player, but what creatures and humanoids will you be fighting in Nyamm? Well, let us inform you that you won’t be seeing the boring enemies you’ve seen in every other ORPG. Monsters with more lore than most kings in many online games will litter our world, all there for a reason. Be it magically binded by a mage from the Old Ages, or undead conjured by dark Factions hidden in the shadows, monsters and opponents in Nyamm will challenge you and provide more than just experience and gold; they serve as a method of immersion to bring the player into their very own story, and learn about Nyamm’s past, present, and future.

Battling monsters has always been exciting and interesting when combining your skills with your own physical abilities, and if simply battling monsters and bosses doesn’t suit your fancy, Player verses Player will be implemented early on in our first release of the game. In time, expect to see dynamic battlegrounds, PvP events, outlaw/flagging systems, and more. We love Player verses Player, and we know you do, too.

Nyamm’s richness comes from depth of gameplay and plethora of things to do. But helping to immerse you into this world, to make the everyday world of hustle and bustle disappear, we will introduce you to lore and storytelling aspects that will (it is our hope!) inspire you to explore and learn more about this truly massive world. Nyamm has come a long way from the days where peace was as abundant as grass in the meadows; now, in this time of change, there will be forces that will shift entire realms and both inspire, and frighten, the world. This is my job; to invoke a sense of astonishment and belief as you explore our world.

Even though our game does not use a 3D engine to provide rich detail, we believe we’ve found an alternative that’s just as, if not more, beautiful and immersive. Our team, lead by founder, lead art director and producer Evan Williams, has meticulously hand-painted every single pixel in Nyamm, every single leaflet and tree, every single shingle and nail. If I could pixel that well, I’d go the opposite of Evan and our team and simply throw modesty out the window. Thankfully, he’s the modest pixeler and I’m the one trying to keep things making sense when he’s not cleaning up after me (Mike).

From the frigid, rustic houses of Kavernmor, to the mystic, spiralling forests of Tekrania, Evan and our team are creating great, timeless environments for all of you to immerse yourselves into. We have a long way to go; it’s pretty evident.  Much of the lore isn’t finished, the mapping and graphics for the game will take a considerable amount of time (this world is massive!), and there is just so much to do in the background that it’s really a overwhelming task. In the days to come, we hope to inspire you with tales from the heart of Nyamm, allowing you to learn of its past and present, while providing you with snippets of in-game art and concepts.

Stay tuned, and we can’t wait to show you what Nyamm has in store!

Mike and Evan
Giraffes with Sporks Studios